Our Vision

Innovation profession-Right in Choice
A global leader in measurement and test.

Our Mission

To do our BEST
To be your professional partner locally as well as globally.

Our Cultures

Person is the key of success
Our work culture is an inspiring, creative, nurturing, and motivating environment. Our team members personify the true spirit of teamwork.

Company - History

Where did we come from?

InnoMeTe is a world leading provider of industrial productivity solutions, we offer measurement and test product, solution, aftermarket products, software and service. We innovates for applications in the R&D, education, metrology, automotive, aerospace and general industrial manufacturing worldwide.

InnoMeTe started in 1973 by the owner Bredict Doug Toomey to build custom hardware for specialized astronomy projects on large telescopes. Since that time it has developed numerous facility class instruments for optics around the world. These instruments are built for serious users to very high standards of performance, reliability, documentation, and ease of use. We can providing one of the broadest product lines of innovative thermal imaging and near-infrared illumination cameras, InnoMeTe brings to the market a unique and highly differentiated set of solutions. It is the breadth and depth of this product line that establishes InnoMeTe as a prominent provider in the complex and wide-ranging defense, security, safety and aviation markets.

In first 20 years, we focused on Army and Defence industry, We have a global, local, and cross-sectoral presence with the skills to work with public and private sectors, middle income and low income countries. We have a huge research and development department, to help our customers to success. After many years of accumulation and creation, we have a number of utility model patents and inventions. A portfolio of 20 domestic and more than 200 foreign patents protects InnoMeTe's technology.

The benefits of InnoMeTe's technology are evidenced by the company's close relationship with the US government. Early funding for InnoMeTe was supplied by a grant from the US Department of Energy (DOE). The US Navy and US Air Force also utilize MagnaDrive technology.

Diverse expertise. Common values.
We are over 4,000 people strong, meeting the needs of our customers around the globe. Though our backgrounds differ, we share four common values. We are customer focused and work diligently to meet their needs. We have integrity and operate with honesty. We believe in teamwork and work together to achieve success. And we are driven by innovation, continually striving to develop new and better solutions.

Customer driven problem solvers.
As an independent provider, we are uniquely focused on our customers and their needs. We partner with our customers to provide the latest, most technologically advanced solutions and deliver those solutions in a flexible, cost effective manner.