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Products - IR Detector

InnoMeTe offers a full range of uncooled VOx detectors and engines in popular formats. We has introduced new High Sensitivity arrays as well as Wide Band (MWIR + LWIR) and also high speed (120Hz) arrays. But some products have export limited, we can't list all product line, if you have any question, please send Email:


V320 V320

The V320 infrared detector is an advanced 25 μm pitch, 320 x 240 pixel VOx microbolometer focal plane array. Employing the market-preferred VOx technology, the V320 provides superior image quality at up to a 60 Hz frame rate. In addition to advanced technology and superior image quality, the V320 supports applications requiring small system design in high-reliability, long-life packaging.


The V640 uses an advanced VOx microbolometer structure enhanced with INN’ patented umbrella absorber technology to deliver crystal clear imagery. With an advanced 25 µm pitch and an industry leading 640 x 480 pixel array, the V640 is ideally suited for both military and commercial applications. Ask More


Innomete V640e is a detector that uses uncooled, highly sensitive 640 x 480 vanadium oxide (VOx) technology to detect infrared energy in the 8-14 micron LWIR spectrum. Its patented 17 µm pitch Focal Place Array (FPA), allows for smaller, lighter optics without comprising imaging performance. The result is a detector that enables high image quality in a package weighing less than 13 grams. Ask More