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Products - Optical Pyrometers

The Optical pyrometer temperature sensor for non contact high temperature measurement operates by allowing the operator to compare the intensity of light radiated from a target at visible .655µm wavelength to the known brightness of an internal calibrated lamp. This is achieved by utilizing a rotating optical photoscreenic wedge that functions as a variable neutral density filter. The PYRO Optical pyrometer can achieve temperature measurement accuracy to ± 0.5% of the temperature being observed. Small target sizes from 0.055" at distances of 3" to infinity can be achieved. Supplementary magnification lenses for smaller targets at shorter distances are available. The "PYRO" Optical pyrometer features a circular direct reading scale on the instrument. Several models provide temperature scales in °F, °C or both. The PYRO Optical pyrometer units are constructed in a rugged steel housing providing years of trouble free industrial plant use. The PYRO Optical is a portable unit and comes complete with rechargeable NI CAD battery and carrying case.


Selectable Readout:

°F, °C,°R, °K
1300°F - 2500°F (  700°C - 1400°C)
2400°F - 3400°F (1200°C - 1900°C)
3200°F - 5800°F (1800°C - 3200°C)

Optional Extended Temperature Ranges:

1300°F - 8100°F  ( 700°C - 4500°C) 


± 0.5% Range


3°C (All Ranges)

Effective Wavelength:

0.655 µm

Emissivity Setting Range:

0.01 -1.0 ( Increments 0.01 )
Display Output:
LCD 3.5" x 0.75"
Temperature Range #1, #2, #3
Target Uncorrected Temperature
Target Emissivity Corrected Temperature
Auxiliary Outputs:
Analog: 0 -1vdc; 0-20mA
Digital:  RS232C to 9600 Baud
Power Supply:
Self Contained Ni-Cad Battery, 8 Hours Continuous Operation
AC 110v 60Hz optional 220v 50Hz


Carrying Case: 22" x 15" x 5"
Weight: 15.5lbs