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With over the past 30 years of experience, as well as the understanding of the customer, We design and manufacture many accessories for different application and cusotmer requirements, final we present below severl system,

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Product in glance

  Furnance-Inspection Thermo Microscopes System Thermal monitor System  
- SI747 Series
- SI330 Series
- SI200 Series
  SI747 SI330 SI200  
  • Sootblowing
• Heat exchange tube inspect
• CO2 gas temperature measure
Coke Monitor
• Combustion control
• Optimize fuel-input
• Thermal design rules
• Detect hot spots and shorts
• Bad components identification
• Measure junction temperature
• Die bonding defects check
• Packaged die thermal resistance
• Vessel Monitor
• Power connect
• Transformer
• Motor and Pump
• Nuclear
• Furnace
  The continuous development of modern technology, more and more high temperature equipment into the production and manufacturing, the furnace tube, water wall as key components of the equipment, they bear high temperature (600 ℃ ~ 1200 ℃), high pressure 2 mpa (~ 5 mpa), service conditions. Any damage, will force device parking , and caused a series of chain reaction. SI330 can help provide you the most detailed images and data, from the early stages of design idea, design modeling, testing to the sample, through the analysis of professional tools to discover potential problems.
At the same time, engineers can use it as a thermal analysis simulation software validation or will be involved in the calculation of actual temperature.
Industrial society now, more and more devices, both electrical and mechanical equipment, are faced with more and more high monitoring requirements.
Through SI200, operator can control our movable holder to monitor equipment in the central control room, through the preset, evaluation was carried out on the equipment, or automatically output alarm and record.