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Products - Top Speed IR Sensor

In Past years we are Market leader in high speed IR measurement field. Our products are already on the market for decades. Our top speed IR Sensors are a result of years of experience and elaborate product development. Besides standard products, we offer special developments for OEM customers and customized hard- and software solutions.


MS 6 Series

MS 10 Series

MS 18 Series


Portable Pyrometers Pyrometer IMPAC Serie 5 MS!8 Pyrometer IMPAC Series 6
Top Speed IR Sensor with high accuracy and special wave for non-contact temperature measurement. We offer different wavelength and temperature to meet differet customer need. Whatever they are so quicky, so you can capture any detail changeing.
- Welding,
- Hardening,
- Soldering laser
- Turbine buckets
- Combustions engines
- Material R&D
- Airbag testing
- Explosion events
Temperature Range Respond wavelength Export Mode Accessories
160 ... 1,000 °C
200 ... 1,000 °C
300 ... 1,400 °C
300 ... 2,300 °C
350 ... 3,500 °C
500 ... 2,500 °C
600 ... 1,600 °C
800 ... 2,300 °C
0.85 ... 1.05 µm
1.58 ... 1.80 µm
1.58 ... 2.20 µm
2.00 ... 2.20 µm
Power supply Air purge Water cooling Protect window Laser protection filter Cable Optic lens Mounting support

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