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Products - Thermography





Visualizing the invisible: 
dimensional temperature measurement

Thermography from InnoMete provide quick and convenient measurement and visualization of two-dimensional temperature distributions in real-time. The high resolution and frequency of infrared thermographic camera systems over a wide spectral range documents subtle temperature gradients in detail.

Capture, Record, Analysis

Thermal images and measured data can be viewed and analyzed directly on the screen of our portable thermography. Images and data are stored on a memory card directly in the unit or uploaded to a PC for further processing - wireless or via USB cable.

Temperature readings are always accurate

For measurement of accurate temperature values, InnoMete offer radiometrically calibrated to all thermography. More than 25 years of expertise in development and manufacturing infrared instrument warrants that all units components are perfectly matched. Thus InnoMete thermography are setting market standards regarding longtime stability, reproducibility and homogenity.

Thermography and modules with radiometric calibration are ideally suited for various thermography applications in the fields of industry, science, research & development and service providing.


NI 60 is the epoch-making thermal imager. Benefited from applying new technology, it has an amazing small size and light weight. This is the first single handhold thermography device in the world.

NI60 has super clear and cutting edge image quality. With World Class-leading sensitivity (25μm pixel pitch, NETD<50mK) and ergonomic design, it is the first choice for professional.

NI60 has an advanced electric and optical system with easy-to -use and portable characteristics. It gives user the most accurate measurement. Under different configurations in NI60, the lens can work in either a long distance or limited space.


InnoMete launch new high performance thermal imager. It is Fully calibrated, high resolution thermography captures clear, sharp images!

Ni90 has Ultra High Sensitivity, it is a beneficial tool for electricians, plumbers, building inspectors, facility managers, and MRO employees in a variety of industries.

Quick stabilization circuitry enables the camera to acclimate to sudden ambient temperature changes in just a few minutes, compared to 30 - 45 minutes with other cameras.



The INNOMETE's NI100 high performance, portable IR imager is new innovation in IR field. As a high level thermal imager, it is compact, powerful, first choice for customers.

The Imager is battery operated, uses advanced uncooled UFPA microbolometer technology, high-definition 14-bit thermal images stored in external and internal storage. The NI100 is fully radiometric imager with ergonomic design, it is very easy to carry and use.

The NI100 measures the passive IR radiation emitted by the target surface. It then converts the radiation into a two-dimensional image relating to the temperature distribution at the target surface. The resulting temperature distribution can then be viewed in one of several color ranges, all 76800 temperature can export via USB.



The INNOMETE's NI200 high performance, portable IR camera offers a complete package of capabilities that rivals any infrared camera currently marketed.

The NI200 is an extremely lightweight, fully-radiometric camera that comes standard with built-in visual imaging capabilities (5M Pixel). With its highperformance UFPA detector and builtin visual camera, the NI200 makes the process of linking corresponding thermal and visual images and creating thermal/visual image composites more efficient. The resulting simultaneously recorded 14-bit thermal.

Whether used for scientific research, MRO or energy saving, power utility, special inspection, etc., can benefit from it, we hope NI200 can be your most capable assistant.

Due to US goverment required, Export License may be required, for detail, please contact local sales or distributors.