Key Account

Relationships for the long-term

Valuing and growing our customer
-Solutions implementation
-Customer service
-Service integrity
-Continuous improvement

Service Quality

Excellence from origin to destination
We synonymous with service quality, reliability and operational excellence. We have a strong focus on our delivering high-quality job that consistently meets customer s’ requirements and exceeds their expectations.

Centers of Excellence

Enhance and strengthen processes
experts work from centers of excellence around the globe, bringing you depth of expertise and breadth of experience gained from different territories and market sectors.

Services - Calibration

Keeping a right data

With our network of calibration laboratories we can offer a complete package of calibration services to help you control quality

- Traceability and document management
- Calibration/verification of transducerized instruments and accessories
- Verification test for a specific application
- Accredited and factory calibration of measurement equipment
- Other special requests, such as shock calibration, etc.
- We remind you for your next calibration

Calibration Application Table download