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Welcome to our application center, here we list some general case:

  Name   Description   Critical Point  
1 Laser Welding          
  Laser Weilding   Laser welding is a new technoloy for material combine process, it is good for thin material, precision component. It has these feature: weld width is small, small heat affected zone, small deformation, welding speed, smooth, beautiful welding seam, high weld quality, without air hole, can be precisely controlled, small focusing spot, high positioning accuracy, easy to realize automation. In current industry, it has a wide applicaion.  

- High Temp
- Small Size
- High Speed
- Reomote
- Safety
- wavelength

2 Fire measurement          
  Fire   The temperature of flame varies depending on the substance being combusted and the extent to which the fuel and oxidizer have been pre-mixed. One of the lowest temperature of flame is the "safety flame" of a Bunsen burner, to demonstrate it is on — about 300 °C (572 °F), while the hottest is carbon subnitride burning in pure oxygen, with a temperature of 4987 °C (9008 °F), almost as hot as the surface of the Sun.   - High Temp
- wavelength
- Sensitivity
- interference
- View Field

3 Tiny PCB          
  PCB   With the rapid development of microfabrication techniques it is feasible to manufacture ultra small electronic devices in order to miniaturize integrated circuits. For this size thing, temperature will be a very important parameter. in many cases, abnormal temperature make electronic device failure   - Micro Lens
- Sensitivity
- Movie record
- Focus

4 Fibre laser          
  Fibre laser   Optical fiber grating has been developed quickly and widely used in optical fiber communication and optical sensor field as a kind of optical fiber passive devices in recent years. R&D engineer must test different Laser power to ensure product efficiency and reliability. They need limiting temperature data and uniform data to next step.   - Micro Lens
- Sensitivity
- Movie record
- Focus

5 Heat treatment          
  Heatemnt   For heat treatment, temperature is very critical indicator.The primary factors influenced on the heat treatment parameters of grade E steel are the quenching temperature and its holding time as well as temper temperature and its holding time. In these application accuracy temperature is very important.   - High Temp
- Wavelength
- Sensitivity
- interference
- Accuracy

6 Cracking furnace          
  Cracking furnace   The tube burst resulted from the overheating corrosion grooves inside waterwall tubes at furnace is always a big topic. Since the majority of process heaters have a feed that is a hydrocarbon, flame impingement can cause serious problems.traditional way, it will spend more time and labor, but now you have 3.8um-3.9um camera, it will be very clear....   - Area
- Fire issue
- HighTemp.
- Sensitivity
- Movable
- Movie Record

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