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Total Solutions - The InnoMeTe Way :

InnoMeTe provides Total Solutions design, engineering, measurement and test products. We integrate technical, accessories and software to build fully defined and executable solutions.

Total Solutions isn’t just what we do.
It’s how we do it.
It’s a different, proven way of achieving mission success for our customers.
It’s the InnoMeTe way.

Core to our Total Solutions approach is disciplined agility. InnoMeTe employs smaller, more capable, tailored teams to exceed mission needs by working smarter, integrating more, collaborating better, and delivering unprecedented innovation. With disciplined agility, InnoMeTe brings our customers greater efficiency and effectiveness, even in the face of growing threats. We bring total collaboration to each customer’s mission and work hand in hand as part of their team. Many times, multiple InnoMeTe teams touch programs from requirements to launch. We actively look for ways to apply this experience and innovation, and lessons learned, for the benefit of all of our customers. This approach isn’t easy. It takes time and discipline, especially when faced with deadlines and focused on execution. The InnoMeTe Way means mission success for our customers.

Below are some thing we need know before we start:

  Object   Environment   Result  
1 Size   Distance   Export mode  
2 Temperature   Medium   Traceability  
3 Phycial parameter   Humidity   Time  
4 Material   Temperature   Accuracy